Saturday, 27 February 2016

Share the Load Can Bring Smilyes in Family

There is a common opinion that a family would be better if a housewife is there, who cares everyone and make the small world lively by putting her presence at every where.
It is hard to swallow but hard to deny that A full-time housewife leads a family better. Today's housewives spend more time in paid employment but still after returning to home, manage housework.
A housewife gets ready for office after preparing food for all including in-laws and children, while her male partner can't even get ready himself. Still he shouts for either finding socks or wearing tie.

Basically the division of household labor falls along gender lines, washing dishes, cloths, caring children are feminine job. Though physically our body is not biased to any particular household task. It is true, mom can feel her children better, because they are biologically inclined to be caregivers. But there is evidence that a dad can also make strong bonding with children by involving more time.

There is no biological inclination or general tendency to do household work for a girl. Our society, our family where we grow up they plant this gender prejudices in your mind.Two of every three children think that washing cloths is a mother's job*.

In childhood, if you grew up with a sister, definitely had this experience of pushing his sister in kitchen in off-period. While a boy gets more time to play and take breathing space on holiday, a girl gradually acquires professionalism in chore.

There is a predisposition, a man becomes more active where his effort gets paid off, but in housework no chance of being rewarded in terms of money. A study says that 81% of married men in India agree that their daughter must learn household chores while allow their son's to stay out of it*. This type of gender disparity can't be swept out at a moment.

In India 78% of girls surveyed agree that they should learn laundry as they will have to do it when they grow up*. Most of the brand like washing powder, toilet cleaner, kitchen soap feature woman in their marketing strategy which certifies our common opinion.

In our family, my mom never allows this kind of gender specific job. She has planted a thought in our mind that, "a woman could be superior in a particular job, but why do you stay away of it". Now me and my bro can share any household chore with mom.It would be really honor for me if I can pass this baton to my next generation.

If you can share the household load with your partner, then it would be rewarded with 'happiness', which is more important at the end of the day.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

* NB: All the statics have been copied from BlogAdda, it may slightly differ from actual result.