Saturday, 23 January 2016

Movie-Review:Airlft is based on real-life and blood-tingling incident

'Airlift',Indian war thriller film is first movie of the year which We have watched together alongwith my best friends. The film is based on real-life and blood-tingling incident which took place 25 years back in Kuwait.

Photo Credit: 'Airlift' movie gallery

The movie started in typical Akshay Kumar style with "Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi" song. Ranjit Katyal was leading a cocooned wealthy life with wife(Nimrat) and cute little daughter.
In very next shot the storyline entered into the political drama, caused by Saddam's invaded operation in Kuwait. At the beginning Ranjit was very much concerned about own family, value of commitment to his wife and daughter. So he was getting ready to fly London, while Saddam's army gunned down his driver he wanted to take Driver's family too. But later he was being trapped by 'social work' and became a leader of biggest human evacuation operation.
Amrita was excellent too, she acted like "Behind every successful man there is a woman". Whenever she got chance she sparkly acted, specially when she stood by 'Hero' and described Ranjit's mind,emotion and how he took responsibility to evacuate all.
Mr. Kohli was also part of this biggest operation, at the beginning he responded like a normal government employee and woke up when his father described the emotion of being 'refugee' and leaving own place behind.

Overall the movie was really good and indeed very good option to celebrate 'Republic day' with Patriotism flavor.The songs were good but was not needed in situation basis,though this is the best of earning money what director Raja Krishna Menon couldn't avoid.

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